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Web Directions North

I thought I’d post my summary of Web Directions North that I distributed to the department a month or so after the conference. I’ve been wanting to write a more technical and personal review of it but it’s pretty clear to me that if I haven’t done it by now, I’m not going to get around to doing it :)

Web Directions North is an international conference for people who work with the web, from project managers to web programmers to web designers. This year it was hosted in Vancouver and a few of us jumped at the opportunity to go and were grateful to have the department’s support.

The conference covered a good balance of theoretical big thinking ideas and practical hands on code ideas and we were fortunate to come home with both things to work towards in the long run and ideas that could be implemented immediately.

These are a few of the “big picture” ideas that stood out to us:

These ideas touch on difference skill sets and the presenters who talked about project management felt that the ideal web team would consist of a mix of individuals with skills that cross the disciplines of development, design, usability, and content. This structure keeps the team nimble, and promotes rapid prototyping for continuous improvement.

It’s rare that a conference provides information you can act on the next day when you sit back down at you desk but these are ideas we found immediately useful:

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these ideas the presentation summaries and notes are available on the Web Directions North website or you can talk to Brandon, Alan or me :)


Thanks for coming, and for the writeup, and so glad you found the conference worthwhile.

Just to let you and your readers know, the podcasts should be online in a matter of days.

Thanks again,


Posted by John Allsopp on 4 April 2007 @ 4pm

Hi John,

I’m so glad to hear the podcasts are still coming. I learned the most from your presentation… and I wasn’t even in it! I can’t wait to do more than read the slides wistfully and listen to my co-workers talk about how great it was ;)


Posted by sjhobson on 4 April 2007 @ 6pm