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I lie to Batman

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I was asked the other night who my favourite comic book character is and anyone who knows me would answer without hesitation: Batman. They’d be close.

It’s Robin all the way.

Not Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or Tim Drake – Robin. You know, that colourful target that swings into action next to the dark knight.

I lie to BatmanI like the idea that Batman needs a little bit of light to balance his darkness. I like the energy, optimism, and ingenuity of a kid fighting in an adult world.

Who’s your favourite?


I was always drawn to the darker comic book characters such as Batman and the Crow.

I think it’s interesting that you find Robin more appealing. Maybe that suggests that you are optimistic?

Posted by Steve Rydz on 18 December 2009 @ 10am

My comicbook-foo isn’t nearly as strong as yours, so my favourites are usually limited to the few series I follow. Like the previous poster, I tend to favour the darker characters, so I’ve been a big fan of Batman and Punisher because I think that deep down, I really like tortured characters.

Then again, I really dig Ramona Flowers too… go fig.

Posted by Daniel on 23 December 2009 @ 10am