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Web Hot. Beer Foamy.

Like to talk about front-end web stuff? Like to do it with other people? Don’t object strenuously to the presence of beer or perhaps even see it as a benefit?

Are you free June the 2nd between 5:30 and 8:30? Join others like you at Steamworks. Look for the girl in the hat (That’s me! Hopefully there won’t be more than one…)

Please let me know if you’re coming so I can reserve the right number of seats:

[poll id=”3″]

PS – I know I said I’d go for a different day, but unfortunately I’m pressed for time this month :/


I made a plancast http://plancast.com/a/3ct7

I will be just coming out of moving craziness, so we’ll see. Thanks for taking the time to rally the troops!

Posted by Boris Mann on 27 May 2010 @ 11am

What, you think I have time to code my own forms?

Looking forward to seeing you tonight :)

Posted by Stephanie on 2 June 2010 @ 9am

So sorry, Steph, I won’t be able to make it after all.

Posted by Christine on 2 June 2010 @ 9am

Count me in!

Posted by Shirley on 2 June 2010 @ 12pm

Only found out about it now :(

Have fun in Ireland and I’ll see you at the next one,

Posted by Niamh on 2 June 2010 @ 6pm