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This article was originally published on the Mozilla Marketing Engineering & Operations blog. We enabled HTTP/2 on MDN’s CDN. We didn’t do anything to optimize for HTTP/2, we just enabled it. We’re seeing performance improvements. You don’t have to get ready before you start using HTTP/2 While doing research to see if turning it on […]

Flipping More Tables

A few weeks ago I gave my talk on displaying data tables on small screens at Cascadia Fest. Which is a super awesome 3 days conference in the Pacific North West focusing on CSS and JavaScript (Browser and Server side!) The video of my talk has been posted: And my slides are available here.

Google Analytics, Privacy, and Event Tracking

This article was originally published on the Mozilla Hacks blog. Many of us use Google Analytics (GA) or similar third-party services to keep track of how people interact with our websites; telling us things like when people visit and what they click. This data can help us make important decisions, such as when to schedule […]

Flipping Tables

I was very pleased to be invited back to Style and Class to give a talk about making data tables responsive. Style and Class is a great Vancouver meetup I can’t recommend enough. Here are my slides, though the video and animated gifs don’t play :( Flipping Tables: Displaying Data on Small Screens from Stephanie […]

(Still) Making Websites Better for Everyone

In the next few weeks I’ll be speaking at JavaScript Open Day Calgary, View Source, and JavaScript Open Day Toronto giving an updated version of Web Accessibility: 
Making Websites Better for Everyone. Edit: videos have been posted for View Source and JavaScript Open Day Toronto. I’m more on the ball for View Source but the […]

Conference Debrief: An Event Apart Austin 2015

Last week, because working at Mozilla is awesome, I got to attend An Event Apart Austin, the conference put on by the A List Apart organization. It’s consistently one of the highest quality conferences for front-end/user experience talks. I try to go every other year. The conference was great and the organizers did a good […]

How To Debug CSS

Some quick notes and links for the talk I gave at WordCamp Vancouver about Debugging CSS. Edit: You can now watch a recording of Debugging CSS. Spot the three projector failures! Steps Is the HTML valid? Is the CSS valid? Is the right CSS being applied? Is what you typed being applied? Is other stuff […]

Mobile First Is Performance First

Tonight I spoke at Vancouver Web Performance Meetup and I promised to share my slides so here they are: Mobile First Is Performance First from Stephanie Hobson If what you’re really after are the links, let me save you a bit of time: Patrick Hamann – Building theguardian.com (slides) and Breaking News at 1000ms (video) […]

Conference Debrief: Smashing Conference Whistler 2014

A few weeks ago Smashing Conference came to Whistler. This caliber of conference comes to Canada infrequently so I couldn’t not go ;) The conference As good as I hoped it would be. A mix of strategy and near future technology examples. My Favourite Talk Building the next-generation of theguardian.com, by Patrick Hamann Slides The […]

Making Websites Better for Everyone

There’s a few different versions of my talk floating around now. I’m really excited and humbled to hear that people have been making changes to the way the work in response to something I said. The most detailed (and longest) version of my talk is available to watch on WordPress TV. My first slide deck […]

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