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Maintaining your CSS helps maintain your site

Rather than doing one giant redesign and launch, at BCIT, we’ve been doing small updates for a while now. Take our footer for example, I got to update all of them using the CSS a few times and then we decided we wanted to mix up the HTML. Templates and applications were updated with the […]

Imperfect Pitch

There’s been a lot of talk about copyright in Canada lately since we’ve been trying to perfect the updates the Conservatives are pitching to our outdated copyright legislation – so reading about Jeremy’s copyright woes in his recent post Perfect Pitch really struck a chord. He discovered a page in The Sessions’s discussion form about […]

Quick spam solution for email forms

I’ve noticed spammers tend to try to fill out your whole form before trying to submit their spam. A while ago I tried adding a simple radio button field to the form with the value “this is probably spam”, and then hiding it with CSS. The spam robots helpfully check the box for you before […]

Why I follow my heroes on Twitter

A few of the people I follow on Twitter lately have made blog posts or tweets about their followers trying to tell them how to tweet. They’ve all been asked to stop Twittering personal stuff and keep providing free good advice and the response has been, “If you don’t like it, don’t follow.” I just […]

Should I stay or should I go?

What should a personal website look like? What should it be for? Am I a person or a business? And what if the latest trend is for your business to be human. Stephaniehobson.ca was supposed to be a personal blog for business stuff but that’s, well, *boring* for me and for you. So I’m thinking […]

What would you change?

Most companies are fumbling around unsure of how to use this new social media thing to market themselves, and educational institutes are no different. With so much of our target audience using social media it’s particularly important for us. BCIT’s Marketing and Communications department came to us (Web Services) last year and said – we […]

Stuff I’d like to see Google Reader do

I wish I could filter my feeds like I do my email, marking the news items in my web comic feeds as read automatically and blocking (deleting? marking as read?) feeds originating at certain URLs (some of my friends have different… taste than I do… repeatedly). I also wish I could share my feeds with […]

Links from An Event Apart 2008 – Day Two

Edenbee Social networking and carbon footprints by Clearleft. A Dao of Web Design Jeremy Keith says everyone must read this. It talks about giving up pixel perfect control of the display of your websites. Google social graph API Traces XFN and hCard references to connect your different profiles and find out who you are connected […]

Links from An Event Apart 2008 – Day One

Bobulate Can’t remember why it was mentioned but it is about IA and looks interesting. Wired Apparently half the people in the room read it. Jason used it as an example of how print can be very cool looking but the web is missing that pizzaz for individual articles. NY Times articles about Trolls Don’t […]

New site for my favorite client

Just updated the look of Mum’s campaign website: Barb Hobson | A Strong Persistent Voice for Coquitlam-Maillardville. I changed everything without altering one line of HTML, man do I love CSS (IE6, I still hate you).

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