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Why Abstract Sequential?

Short answer: it’s my thinking style :) It means I enjoy theory, logic, precision and abstract thought and that I learn best through lecture, independent research, and following procedures. This means I love web design but makes my blog very, very boring. It’s one of four learning styles as categorized by Dr. Anthony F. Gregorc. […]

Should I stay or should I go?

What should a personal website look like? What should it be for? Am I a person or a business? And what if the latest trend is for your business to be human. Stephaniehobson.ca was supposed to be a personal blog for business stuff but that’s, well, *boring* for me and for you. So I’m thinking […]

What’s keeping me busy?

Well, outside of my day job I’m: making my Mum a website moving hosting servers for digitalphoenix.ca learning cgi so I can create an auto generated thank you message for HOPE‘s donors taking Mandarin (what was I thinking?)