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“What a great way to start a Monday.”

Part of my job at BCIT is providing technical support to our content publishing community.  These are the people who provide the text to fill the templates we make and keep that text up to date.  Most of them aren’t web developers and are a little intimidated by the idea of working on the website. […]

Striving for excellence

I just finished my first micoformatted page! When I was writing the information page for HOPE’s spring dinners I coded all the dinners as events and the organizers as hcards :) I did work with Brandon to re-do the BCIT Contacts application to use microformats but he did most of the coding on that project. […]

I’m presenting at a conference!

One of the projects I’ve worked on at BCIT is Catt-Trax2. The website is for Danny Catt who is traveling through South America and Antarctica exploring conservation and sustainability issues and talking to the people in those regions working with those issues daily. He’s taking photos, video, and sound clips of this journey and blogging […]

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