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A blessing and a curse.

June 12: I decide I’m not taking any more free lance work on this summer. I have two donated time projects I’ve been wanting to finish, three web aps I’d like to write for myself and two blogs to skin. June 14: One of my regulars calls and asks me just to “put up an […]

If you can’t say something nicely…

I have lots to say but trouble finding the time and words to say it. Blog posts I hope to make in the next two weeks: Taking credit where credit is due – in response to a discussion about women in IT at zeldman.com. My thoughts on the hiring process and the job market and […]

What’s keeping me busy?

Well, outside of my day job I’m: making my Mum a website moving hosting servers for digitalphoenix.ca learning cgi so I can create an auto generated thank you message for HOPE‘s donors taking Mandarin (what was I thinking?)