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I spoke at an HTML5 Code Camp the other day on HTML5 forms because HTML5 forms are cool! They’re so cool you can use most of them today anywhere you have a text field to increase functionality for your users! HTML5 Forms OF DOOM from stephaniehobson Download the slides. Sample form. Finished form (no peeking). […]

A style tag counts as a :first-child

EDIT 2011-09-15: All of this applies to <script> in the body as well. I have some bad news and a fix (I hesitate to call it good news). HTML5 introduces a way for us to include <style> elements on the page, we just need to give them an attribute of scoped. So, for example, if […]

Maintaining your CSS helps maintain your site

Rather than doing one giant redesign and launch, at BCIT, we’ve been doing small updates for a while now. Take our footer for example, I got to update all of them using the CSS a few times and then we decided we wanted to mix up the HTML. Templates and applications were updated with the […]

CSS bug in IE 6 with: .class a:hover element

This bug seems to apply to styling elements under a class or id within a link on hover. Stuff like .class a:hover span{} or #id a:hover strong{}. The solution is to define a property on the parent link .class a:hover{} that hasn’t been declared anywhere else in your CSS, like a text indent of 0 […]

Searching for an answer

Has anyone else noticed a bunch of really old HTML coding tutorials at the top of their search results when searching for answers to HTML coding questions lately? I was trying to find out if legend was a required tag in fieldset and I got a tutorial that said not to use legend because Netscape […]

Styling Our Style Sheets

I’ve been wanting to seriously redo some of the HTML and CSS behind the BCIT site since I came on board here almost a year ago. Well, I get my wish. We’re going to take some baby steps towards semantic HTML and CSS (POSH if you like) and despite my aversion to being in charge, […]

Don’t judge me on my code

Just like the current BCIT site’s code is horrible thanks to our restrictive CMS I’m not happy with my current blog theme, please don’t judge me on it.

Striving for excellence

I just finished my first micoformatted page! When I was writing the information page for HOPE’s spring dinners I coded all the dinners as events and the organizers as hcards :) I did work with Brandon to re-do the BCIT Contacts application to use microformats but he did most of the coding on that project. […]

Something new today

So apparently we’re supposed to be encoding ampersands when we write them in the href part of anchor tags. <a href=”http://stephaniehobson.ca/file.php ยป ?fire=hot&amp;beer=foamy”>link</a>

Border Collapse

I am, for the most part, self taught when it comes to HTML and CSS. I’ve take a few courses to get a piece of paper that says I can do what I say I can do but learned very little from them. I spotted this little CSS tidbit in a presenter’s code at the […]