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Flipping Tables at CSSDevConf

Here are my slides for Flipping Tables: Displaying Data on Small Screens which I had the pleasure of giving at CSS Dev Conf. Links I mentioned in my talk Rob Weychert’s horror films schedule Designing Effective Data Tables Guidelines for Designing Tables Clear Off the Table MDN’s browser compat data in JSON

Links from An Event Apart 2008 – Day Two

Edenbee Social networking and carbon footprints by Clearleft. A Dao of Web Design Jeremy Keith says everyone must read this. It talks about giving up pixel perfect control of the display of your websites. Google social graph API Traces XFN and hCard references to connect your different profiles and find out who you are connected […]

Links from An Event Apart 2008 – Day One

Bobulate Can’t remember why it was mentioned but it is about IA and looks interesting. Wired Apparently half the people in the room read it. Jason used it as an example of how print can be very cool looking but the web is missing that pizzaz for individual articles. NY Times articles about Trolls Don’t […]

Web Directions North 2008

Just like last year I thought I’d post my summary of the conference that I distributed to my department. If I have any regular readers at all, it’s probably a little too general to do you any good but I’m happy to answer questions: Web Directions North is an internationally respected conference for web professionals. […]

@media links to check out

This is a list consisting of all the websites and books recommended during the course of the conference that interested me enough to warrant writing down for later evaluation (including links to most of the presentations):

@media: Day Two

Today I got two free books, Jeremy signed Bullet Proof Ajax for me and I snagged an extra Microformats cheat sheet for Brandon. All in all a success.

@media: Day One

One day I’d like to be able to make the same kind of contribution to the web design world that these speakers have. Trying to find a way to do that is as intimidating as the idea of writing a Master’s thesis. How does one come up with new ideas? The speakers have all been […]

CADE/AMTECH Conference

I was in Winnipeg speaking at the CADE/AMTECH Conference last week. The weather was beautiful and I saw an excellent hockey game in which the Manitoba Moose (the Vancouver Canucks’ farm team) played spectacularly only to to be knocked out of the AHL playoffs in a very Canucks way (up 2-0 at the end of […]

If you can’t say something nicely…

I have lots to say but trouble finding the time and words to say it. Blog posts I hope to make in the next two weeks: Taking credit where credit is due – in response to a discussion about women in IT at zeldman.com. My thoughts on the hiring process and the job market and […]

Fan girl *squeeeeeee*

I just registered for @media 2007. San Francisco here I come :)