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Bookstore wins a hubbie

Almost a year ago now the BCIT Bookstore let Web Services know that the e-commerce application they used to manage their online sales was upgrading and asked if we’d like to help skin the new site. The department was pretty busy at the time and my Manager said we didn’t have time to help out […]

Making the switch

Macs have always struck me as more of a religion than an operating system. A family friend and I have a long history of a friendly Mac vs Windows rivalry. He’s the Mac evangelist and I was, well, I wasn’t a Windows evangelist but I guess I played the part of a disbeliever. At some […]

@media: Day One

One day I’d like to be able to make the same kind of contribution to the web design world that these speakers have. Trying to find a way to do that is as intimidating as the idea of writing a Master’s thesis. How does one come up with new ideas? The speakers have all been […]

If you can’t say something nicely…

I have lots to say but trouble finding the time and words to say it. Blog posts I hope to make in the next two weeks: Taking credit where credit is due – in response to a discussion about women in IT at zeldman.com. My thoughts on the hiring process and the job market and […]

I’m presenting at a conference!

One of the projects I’ve worked on at BCIT is Catt-Trax2. The website is for Danny Catt who is traveling through South America and Antarctica exploring conservation and sustainability issues and talking to the people in those regions working with those issues daily. He’s taking photos, video, and sound clips of this journey and blogging […]