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Stuff I’d like to see Google Reader do

I wish I could filter my feeds like I do my email, marking the news items in my web comic feeds as read automatically and blocking (deleting? marking as read?) feeds originating at certain URLs (some of my friends have different… taste than I do… repeatedly). I also wish I could share my feeds with […]

Google Launches Social Graph API

There were several speakers at WDN who spoke about open social networks, portability and consolidating friend information across applications. I found the talks interesting and then, while we were still at the conference, Google announced a Social Graph API aiming to do just what we’d been talking about.

We made the cut!

One of the videos we made the other day made the cut into the final Gmail behind the scenes video.  Alistair‘s fancy editing shows the three of us morphing between chin up bars with 1:37 left to go. A second video of ours was chosen as a featured clip. If you got to the page […]

No, wait, I wasn’t done reading that!

When I went on vacation a few weeks ago I got a little behind on my RSS feeds. I’d manage to whittle it down from almost 200 unread articles to about 40 over the course of the month, while keeping up with all the new articles, and I was feeling pretty good about it when […]

10 seconds of my 15 minutes

Google is having this contesty thingy. Which basically requires you to make 10 second (or less) videos of how gMail gets around the world. The idea is for people to get the “Mvelope” from the left to the right side of the screen. Yesterday after work Alistair filmed videos with my and Kenzie’s help, three […]