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No, wait, I wasn’t done reading that!

When I went on vacation a few weeks ago I got a little behind on my RSS feeds. I’d manage to whittle it down from almost 200 unread articles to about 40 over the course of the month, while keeping up with all the new articles, and I was feeling pretty good about it when […]

Good Habits

Last night I purchased and then stayed up until 2:00 playing Civilization IV. When I finally tore myself away from the game and went to bed I resigned myself to being late for work today. Today I got to work 20 minutes early. I think the lesson hear is quite clear. I need to do […]

Something new today

So apparently we’re supposed to be encoding ampersands when we write them in the href part of anchor tags. <a href=”http://stephaniehobson.ca/file.php ยป ?fire=hot&amp;beer=foamy”>link</a>


All I did was copy the cgi file and change the file name and now it’s not encrypting the e-mails it sends any more. Hm. Edit: Yup, the problem was that I changed the name. Edit 07-03-26: I’ve also discovered that cgi files are not encoded using windows text format so opening them in notepad […]