Abstract Sequential Stephanie Hobson's abstract thoughts in the sequence she has them.

About Me

I was once compared to a striped carrot, a potion of beguiling, a saffron crayon and the Batmobile by a group of university friends while in Quebec City drinking some very cheep wine because it comes in bottles that make pretty beach glass.

I got an education, a career, and a house but it turns out that doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness… so now I’m trying other things. One day I’d like to do something more rewarding with my life than recycling my bottles and giving money to charities.

While I work on that I’m putting my History degree to good use making websites which, incidentally, I love doing. For fun I explore the city, play Ultimate Frisbee (or I did until I messed up my back, but don’t worry, it’s getting better), and have philosophical discussions with friends over good beer.