Stephanie Hobson I like to make websites everyone can use.

About Stephanie Hobson

About me

Me wearing a black turtle neck with my red-brown hair in a pony tail, smiling in front of a wall covered in graffiti.

My name is Stephanie Hobson and I like to make websites everyone can use.

That means thinking about people who use the web differently than I do. Different technologies. Different identities. Different goals. Different languages. Different brains.

So, I like to make sites that are accessible, inclusive, fast, responsive, and robust.

I stumbled into my career in web development while working on a BA in History. I was self taught so I took a 10 month certificate program at UBC to get a piece of paper saying I knew how to do what I already knew how to do.

I started my career as the primary front-end developer for I took some time out to work for an agency. Then I joined Mozilla, first on MDN and now on So, I have experience working on both huge old websites and small young ones — always as part of a team.