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Links from An Event Apart 2008 - Day One

Can’t remember why it was mentioned but it is about IA and looks interesting.
Apparently half the people in the room read it. Jason used it as an example of how print can be very cool looking but the web is missing that pizzaz for individual articles.
NY Times articles about Trolls
Don’t feed the trolls. One of the trials of community managers.
Flickr Colouring Contest
Making lemonaid out or error messages as part of community management.
Improve Everywhere
Organizers of no pants day.
A Brief Message
200 word articles on design.
Iced or Hot
The example website from Dan Cedarholm’s talk. The code is good but the data is not live.
It doesn’t look the same in all browsers.
Adobe Labs.
Dreamweaver CS4 Beta.

Also, Jeremy Keith live blogged the whole works from the front row.