Stephanie Hobson I like to make websites everyone can use.

About Stephanie Hobson

Should I stay or should I go?

What should a personal website look like? What should it be for? Am I a person or a business? And what if the latest trend is for your business to be human. was supposed to be a personal blog for business stuff but that’s, well, boring for me and for you. So I’m thinking of re-doing it.

I’m going to use this site to bring together all my activities from around the web in one place. Yeah, I know, I always have big plans, but this time I have a deadline (I hope)! I would like it done before I attend @media 2009.

But I’m stalled on starting because I’m caught in a debate between leaving the other sites as the authoritative source and trying to make local copies of everything in case those other sources disappear (yes I kept my bookmarks on magnolia, how did you know?).

The public vs private nature of this space is also a bit of a conundrum. My business contacts and potential employers will see this space first if they Google me. This is my first impression, what does it say about me if I’ve been listening to ABBA and bookmarking lol cats? (Yeah, okay, I could be worse.)