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Striving for excellence

I just finished my first micoformatted page! When I was writing the information page for HOPE’s spring dinners I coded all the dinners as events and the organizers as hcards :) I did work with Brandon to re-do the BCIT Contacts application to use microformats but he did most of the coding on that project. This is the first time I’ve done it myself.

I didn’t actually tell anyone at HOPE that I’d done it that way since it doesn’t effect the way the page looks and I figure they’ll discover it for themselves if it’s useful to them. However, my friend thinks I should tell them so they recognize just how good a job I’m doing for them.

I don’t really feel like I did anything other than my job. Isn’t it my job to do a good job?

In the last two weeks of February, CBC’s IDEAS aired a couple programs on the ideas of Richard Sennett, a sociologist and author who has studied the organization of work. Among other things he suggests the Western world is obsessed not with the idea of craftsmanship but with productivity. In other words: it doesn’t matter how well you do you job - just how quickly.

The speaker at my graduation ceremony spoke at length encouraging us to “strive for excellence” in everything we do. Not just in the work we do but also in our interactions as part of our daily lives. From answering a client’s e-mail to cooking dinner, he urged us to do our best.

Is doing a good job something society has to be told to do now?