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A style tag counts as a :first-child

EDIT 2011-09-15: All of this applies to <script> in the body as well.

I have some bad news and a fix (I hesitate to call it good news).

HTML5 introduces a way for us to include <style> elements on the page, we just need to give them an attribute of scoped. So, for example, if you have an SSI included widget you can include the styles in the widget file instead of trying to devise a way to add them to the head.

A Problem

But it causes an itsy bitsy problem with the styles. The <style> counts as an element, and if you put it first, it becomes the first-child. The styles I’d defined for the first-child in that block were not applied to the (now) second child.

In other words this:

div p:first-child { }

stopped working when I added the style to the HTML here:

    <style> p { color: #00F; }</style>

A Fix

Fortunately we can include style in our CSS declarations (and even style it if you want, I gave it a width, and garish background colour in both FF3.6 and Chrome) so an adjacent sibling selector is the fix:

div style:first-child + p { }

I’m not keen on going through my styles sheets and adding this rule to every place I have first-child declarations but we don’t use scoped style elements too much so hopefully I won’t have to.

The other option would be to not put the <style> first in the parent I pretty clearly remember reading that the style has to be the first-child, of course, I can’t find where I read it.

Side Note: using <style scoped> today.

As of August 2011 there are no browsers that support the <style> attribute but if you’re using an HTML5 doctype you can still use <style scoped> today. Browsers have been happily rendering style elements inside the body for quite some time, it just wasn’t valid HTML before ;)

The old browsers will apply the styles in your scoped tag to the entire page so I combine it with a class to get the effect I intended.

<div class="foo">
    <style scoped> .foo p { color: #00F; } </style>