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Styling Our Style Sheets

I’ve been wanting to seriously redo some of the HTML and CSS behind the BCIT site since I came on board here almost a year ago.

Well, I get my wish. We’re going to take some baby steps towards semantic HTML and CSS (POSH if you like) and despite my aversion to being in charge, I’m leading the project.

As a first step I’m trying to write a CSS coding style guide. I can’t necessarily clean up the current mess but I can try to stop any new ones from being made ;)

What I want to do is develop guidelines for:

  • if and how style definitions should be divided between multiple style sheets
  • what order style definitions should be listed in (I currently put all my tag definitions at the top of documents and then place my id and class definitions beneath them in the order they’re anticipated to appear on the page)
  • naming conventions for ids and classes
  • commenting conventions
  • what order properties should be arranged within definitions
  • if and when we should use shorthand properties
  • formatting guidelines

So far my research has turned up very few examples to help me with the development. This somewhat out dated post is the best I’ve found so far. Part of my problem is that searching for a style guide for CSS is just coming up with guides to styling with CSS.

Do you work with a CSS coding style guide or know any good resources for developing one?