Stephanie Hobson I like to make websites everyone can use.

About Stephanie Hobson

What would you change?

Most companies are fumbling around unsure of how to use this new social media thing to market themselves, and educational institutes are no different. With so much of our target audience using social media it’s particularly important for us.

BCIT’s Marketing and Communications department came to us (Web Services) last year and said - we need to do this, and we need your help. So the two groups came together and What Would You Change? was born.

What Would You Change? is meant to be a place for discussion about change, any kind of change, that you would like to make. There’s a couple tools in place for discussion, recorded videos, short text messages, and a photo mashup generator that lets you paste a picture of what you’d change over the thing you want to change. We’re hoping to integrate with social media better as time goes on - there are plans for Twitter and Facebook app tie-ins and you can already share your creations virtually everywhere :)

I started by adding a window to my office:

What Would You Change?